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NoCo Hot Spot of the Week: Mary’s Mountain Cookies

This week’s Loveland Hot Spot of the week is Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Although they have locations all over Northern Colorado, I am extremely excited about their newest location in Downtown Loveland! (Mostly, because it’s right across the street from my office!)

Mary’s Mountain Cookies offers every type of cookie you could possibly imagine (and even some you probably never would have imagined). And, for all you ice cream fans out there, Mary’s is serving up scoops of your favorite flavors daily. In the mood for both ice cream and cookies? Try one of their hand made ice cream cookie sandwiches, or a scoop of ice cream combined with their edible cookie dough.

Check out their whole menu and all of their NoCo locations here!

Really, you can’t go wrong.

They even have cookie trays and cookie cakes ready to serve up at your next party.

Do yourself a favor, and stop by for a sweet treat today!

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